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    125102 - Winter Youth Basketball


    Participants will learn basic skills of basketball, teamwork and training for the next level. Format is an eight-game, round-robin. Each player should accumulate a minimum of two quarters of playing time for each game they attend. Participants will receive a jersey.

    DIVISIONS (age as of Jan. 1, 2019)
    6-7 Co-ed (6-7 years) 10U Boys/Girls (8-10 years) 12U Boys/Girls (10-12 years) 14U Co-ed (12-14 years)

    Ages 6-14 | $60 | Mon./Wed./Sat. | Jan. 7-March 6 | 6-9 p.m. | College Station ISD Gyms
    Ages 6-14 | $60 | Tue./Thu./Sat. | Jan. 8-March 7 | 6-9 p.m. | College Station ISD Gyms

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    Add to CartCo-ed 6-7 years Mon/Wed/Sat01/07/19 - 03/06/19 6:15P - 7:15PM, W, SaCSISD$60Item Details125102-01Available
    Add to CartCo-ed 6-7 years old Tue/Thu/Sat01/08/19 - 03/07/19 6:15P - 7:15PTu, Th, SaCSISD$60Item Details125102-02Available
    Add to CartBoys 8-10 years old Mon/Wed/Sat01/07/19 - 03/06/19 6:15P - 8:15PM, W, SaCSISD$60Item Details125102-05Available
    Add to CartBoys 8-10 years old Tue/Thu/Sat01/08/19 - 03/07/19 6:15P - 8:15PTu, Th, SaCSISD$60Item Details125102-06Available
    Add to CartGirls 8-10 years old Mon/Wed/Sat01/07/19 - 03/06/19 6:15P - 8:15PM, W, SaCSISD$60Item Details125102-07Available
    Add to CartBoys 10-12 years old Mon/Wed/Sat01/07/19 - 03/06/19 6:15P - 9:15PM, W, SaCSISD$60Item Details125102-09Available
    Add to CartBoys 10-12 years old Tue/Thu/Sat01/08/19 - 03/07/19 6:15P - 9:15PTu, Th, SaCSISD$60Item Details125102-10Available
    Add to CartGirls 10-12 years old Tue/Thu/Sat01/08/19 - 03/07/19 6:15P - 9:15PTu, Th, SaCSISD$60Item Details125102-12Available
    Add to CartCo-ed 12-14 years old Tue/Thu/Sat01/08/19 - 03/07/19 6:15P - 9:15PTu, Th, SaCSISD$60Item Details125102-13Available

    130118 - Pickleball Clinic

    Learn how to play pickleball. Coach Theresa will provide proper techniques and rules of the fastest growing recreation sport.

          Cart IconDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single IconActivity      Status
    Read NoticePickleball Clinic01/18/18 - 01/19/18 6:30P - 8:30PTh, FLincoln Center$25Item Details130118-1Unavailable
    Read NoticePickleball Clinic02/15/18 - 02/15/18 6:30P - 9:00PThLincoln Center$15Item Details130118-2Unavailable

    130206 - Kids Okinawan Karate

    Do you want your kids to grow into confident young adults? Martial Arts will help to develope discipline, self defense skills, as well as proper judgement on when to use those skills. Emphasis is placed on the tradition of Karate-Do (the way of karate) and is a non contact training program. The instructor, Chiyo Spaulding, is an AAU National Chamption and has been teaching martial arts to children for the past 15 years. She has produced several nationally ranked competitors. Parents are welcome to enroll with children.

          Cart IconDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single IconActivity      Status
    Read NoticeKids Okinawan Karate02/06/18 - 02/27/18 4:15P - 5:15PTuLincoln Center$50Item Details130206-1Unavailable
    Read NoticeKids Okinawan Karate03/06/18 - 03/20/18 4:15P - 5:15PTuLincoln Center$50Item Details130206-2Unavailable
    Read NoticeKids Okinawan Karate04/10/18 - 05/08/18 4:15P - 5:15PTuLincoln Center$50Item Details130206-3Unavailable

    130207 - Engineering Club

    Want to create a better world and improve people's live? Join Texas A&M Engineering for Engineering Club and try your hand at creating solutions to real world problems. You'll get to design a healthier, happier, and safer world for us all.

          Cart IconDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single IconActivity      Status
    Read NoticeEngineering Club02/07/18 - 02/28/18 4:30P - 6:00PWLincoln Center$20Item Details130207-1Unavailable
    Read NoticeEngineering Club03/07/18 - 04/04/18 4:30P - 6:00PWLincoln Center$20Item Details130207-2Unavailable

    130208 - Spring Transportation 19

          Cart IconDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single IconActivity      Status
    Read NoticeCollege Hills(S)01/07/19 - 05/24/19 2:30P - 4:00PM-FLincoln Center$45Item Details130208-1Unavailable
    Read NoticeSouth Knoll(S)01/07/19 - 05/24/19 2:30P - 4:00PM-FLincoln Center$45Item Details130208-2Unavailable
    Read NoticeSouthwood Valley(S)01/07/19 - 05/24/19 2:30P - 4:00PM-FLincoln Center$45Item Details130208-3Unavailable

    130305 - Women's History Month:

    Join us for itneractive talks on women's health and free workout sessions:
    March 5: Health Fair with Tone and Dancing
    March 12: Yoga
    March 19: Cardio Kickboxing
    March 26: Hair care tips and Line Dancing

          Cart IconDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single IconActivity      Status
    Read NoticeWomen's History Mont03/05/18 - 03/26/18 7:00P - 8:30PMLincoln Center$0Item Details130305-1Unavailable

    130312 - Lincoln Recreation Center Spring Break

    Join us during Spring Break for outdoor fun and recreation! Bring snacks and a packed lunch each day. It's free for those registered in the Lincoln Recreation Center's After School Program or $15 for others.

          Cart IconDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single IconActivity      Status
    Read NoticeSpring Break Program03/12/18 - 03/15/18 8:00A - 5:00PM, W, ThLincoln Center$15Item Details130312-1Unavailable

    160050 - Dinosaur George

    Bring the family out to experience a high energy, fun, educational performance by Dinosaur George.

    Ages 2 and under are free.

          Cart IconDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single IconActivity      Status
    Read NoticeDinosaur George03/10/18 - 03/10/18 1:00P - 2:15PSaLick Creek Park$5Item Details160050-01Unavailable
    Read NoticeDinosaur George03/10/18 - 03/10/1811:30A - 12:45PSaLick Creek Park$5Item Details160050-02Unavailable

    210205 - American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Review/Update

    This in-person Instructor/Instructor Trainer review course is the required course for all Lifeguarding Instructors and Instructor Trainers to re-certify. During this course, Lifeguarding Instructors and Instructor Trainers will participate in an in-water practice and polish skills session with their peers and a classroom-based review of Red Cross administrative policies and procedures. Lifeguarding Instructors and ITs may also choose to attend a brief "test out" session following this course to gain a basic-level Lifeguarding certification.

          Cart IconDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single IconActivity      Status
    Read NoticeARC LGI Review09/10/18 - 09/10/18 8:00A - 5:00PMAdamson Pool$75Item Details210205-04Unavailable
    Add to CartARC LGI Review11/10/18 - 11/10/18 9:00A - 5:00PSaAdamson Pool$75Item Details210205-05Available
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