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    130206 - Kids Okinawan Karate

    Martial arts helps develop discipline, self-defense skills, and proper judgement regarding when skills are used. This non-contact training program emphasizes the traditions of Karate-Do (the way of karate). The instructor, Chiyo Spaulding, is an AAU National Champion and has been teaching martial arts to children for the past 15 years. She has produced several nationally-ranked competitors. Parents are welcome to enroll with children.

          Cart IconDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single IconActivity      Status
    Read NoticeKids Okinawan Karate02/04/19 - 02/25/19 5:30P - 6:30PMLincoln Center$40Item Details130206-2Unavailable
    Read NoticeKids Okinawan Karate03/04/19 - 03/25/19 5:30P - 6:30PMLincoln Center$40Item Details130206-3Unavailable
    Read NoticeKids Okinawan Karate04/01/19 - 05/06/19 5:30P - 6:30PMLincoln Center$0Item Details130206-4Unavailable
    Read NoticeKids Okinawan Karate01/09/19 - 01/30/19 4:30P - 5:30PWLincoln Center$40Item Details130206-5Unavailable
    Read NoticeKids Okinawan Karate02/06/19 - 02/27/19 4:30P - 5:30PWLincoln Center$40Item Details130206-6Unavailable
    Read NoticeKids Okinawan Karate03/06/19 - 03/27/19 4:30P - 5:30PWLincoln Center$40Item Details130206-7Unavailable
    Read NoticeKids Okinawan Karate04/03/19 - 05/08/19 4:30P - 5:30PWLincoln Center$40Item Details130206-8Unavailable

    130207 - Minds of Champions

    The Minds of Champions is a vocal class that will raise your child’s confidence and remove their fear of performing in front of an audience. Our award-winning instructor has former students who have performed with Grammy Award winners Kirk Franklin and Donald Lawrence, as well has acted in New York.

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    Read NoticeMinds of Champions01/09/19 - 05/03/19 4:30P - 6:30PW, FLincoln Center$45Item Details130207-1Unavailable

    130208 - Spring Transportation 19

          Cart IconDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single IconActivity      Status
    Read NoticeCollege Hills(S)01/07/19 - 05/24/19 2:30P - 4:00PM-FLincoln Center$45Item Details130208-1Unavailable
    Read NoticeSouth Knoll(S)01/07/19 - 05/24/19 2:30P - 4:00PM-FLincoln Center$45Item Details130208-2Unavailable
    Read NoticeSouthwood Valley(S)01/07/19 - 05/24/19 2:30P - 4:00PM-FLincoln Center$45Item Details130208-3Unavailable

    130228 - Acrylic Painting

    Learn the basic foundation of painting with acrylics by Dr. Dary Dega to create your own masterpiece.

          Cart IconDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single IconActivity      Status
    Read NoticeAcrylic Painting02/28/19 - 02/28/19 6:30P - 8:00PThLincoln Center$20Item Details130228-1Unavailable
    Read NoticeAcrylic Painting03/07/19 - 03/07/19 6:30P - 8:00PThLincoln Center$20Item Details130228-2Unavailable
    Read NoticeAcrylic Painting03/14/19 - 03/14/19 6:30P - 8:00PThLincoln Center$20Item Details130228-3Unavailable
    Read NoticeAcrylic Painting03/21/19 - 03/21/19 6:30P - 8:00PThLincoln Center$20Item Details130228-4Unavailable

    130301 - Parent's Night Out

    Enjoy a date night or night out with friends, and let us babysit for you!

          Cart IconDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single IconActivity      Status
    Read NoticeParent's Night Out03/01/19 - 03/01/19 7:00P - 11:00PFLincoln Center$10Item Details130301-1Unavailable
    Read NoticeParent's Night Out05/03/19 - 05/03/19 7:00P - 11:00PFLincoln Center$10Item Details130301-2Unavailable

    130305 - Get Jiggy with it Body Jam

    A fun upbeat, fast paced workout to get the heart pumping and body moving. Class combines dance moves with strengthening exercise. Membership or $3 per day to participate.

          Cart IconDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single IconActivity      Status
    Read NoticeGet Jiggy With It Body Jam01/07/19 - 02/25/19 7:30P - 8:30PMLincoln Center$0Item Details130305-1Unavailable

    130306 - Women's Self-Defense

    This seminar will begin with a lesson on safety principles and tips. The instructor will then teach a quick and effective skill set on survival, defense, counter attack and win (live) techniques. Participants should wear comfortable clothing, no dangling earrings, shoes appropriate for learning a physical skill and long hair should be put in a hair tie.

          Cart IconDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single IconActivity      Status
    Read NoticeWomen's Self-Defense03/06/19 - 03/06/19 7:00P - 8:00PWLincoln Center$0Item Details130306-1Unavailable

    130519 - Lock In 5th-8th Grade

          Cart IconDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single IconActivity      Status
    Read NoticeLock In 5th-8th Grad04/05/19 - 04/06/19 9:00P - 7:00AF, SaLincoln Center$10Item Details130519-1Unavailable

    160002 - Big & Little Yoga

    Bring your little one out for a yoga session designed for toddlers and their caretaker. Classes will be held inside. On-site registration available, credit card only.

    $5/pair, register by the adult

          Cart IconDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single IconActivity      Status
    Read NoticeBig & Little Yoga01/24/19 - 01/24/19 5:45P - 6:15PThLick Creek Park$5Item Details160002-01Unavailable
    Read NoticeBig & Little Yoga01/31/19 - 01/31/19 5:45P - 6:15PThLick Creek Park$5Item Details160002-02Unavailable
    Read NoticeBig & Little Yoga02/07/19 - 02/07/19 5:45P - 6:15PThLick Creek Park$5Item Details160002-03Unavailable
    Read NoticeBig & Little Yoga02/14/19 - 02/14/19 5:45P - 6:15PThLick Creek Park$5Item Details160002-04Unavailable
    Read NoticeBig & Little Yoga02/21/19 - 02/21/19 5:45P - 6:15PThLick Creek Park$5Item Details160002-05Unavailable
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